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DailyPack Benefits for Facilities

Lowers Return to Acute (RTA) 
DailyPack eliminates outdated, expired and discontinued medications from the home, thereby reducing opportunities for in-home medication errors.

DailyPack allows patients to retain independence with medications when at home by providing:
A complete list of medications is provided to the patient regardless of which doctor prescribed the medication.
Easy to open and clearly labeled medications, synchronized refills of medications.
Pre-printed reminders for items like liquids, injectables and inhalers are included with each day’s medications.
Medications are organized by date and time and delivered to the patient’s door.
Medications are securely sealed and clearly labeled.
Medications are organized to appropriate dose times.
DailyPack can include over the counter medications with a prescription.

Better Care with Lower Costs
“The cost of nonadherence has been estimated at up to $100 billion annually including costs from avoidable hospitalizations, nursing home readmissions and premature deaths.” 1

Hospitals, and soon long term care facilities, will receive lower reimbursement if a patient is readmitted within the first 30 days after discharge. Medication time is greatly reduced with this system resulting in more time spent providing patient care.

1 – L. Osterberg and T. Blaschke. “Adherence to Medication,” New England Journal of Medicine, August 2005 and M.R. DeMatteo, “Variation in Patients’ Adherence to Medical Recommendations: A Quantitative Review of 50 Years of Research,” Medical Care, March 2004.

DailyPack Benefits for Clinicians

98% of consumers think it is more convenient to have prescriptions filled using medication synchronization services” 2

Improves medication adherence, thus lowering the number of hospital readmissions
Current medication list provided to doctor.
Complete listing of medications regardless of doctor for patient and doctor.

Improves communication between all health care providers
Key outcomes of medication synchronisation include improved medication use and improved patient satisfaction.

2 – Holfdord, David and Saxena, Kunal. Appointment Based Model Data Analysis
Report: Prepared for USA Drug. January 29, 2013.