Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Questions

How much are my Co-Pays?

We work with most insurances to make sure your co-pays with DailyPack are the same as with any other pharmacy.


Can my doctor send prescriptions directly to DailyPack?

DailyPack is a full service pharmacy, like your local retail pharmacy, so your doctor can send prescriptions to DailyPack at any time. Fax: (817) 633-0894 phone: (817) 635-6668, or e-scribe to Daily-Pack.


Can you also ship medications that don’t fit in packets, like inhalers and creams?

Yes. We are a full-service pharmacy and can dispense inhalers and creams, as well as prescriptions, over-the counter medications, and vitamins.


Can you send insulin as well as supplies such as test strips and needles for insulin pens?

We can send insulin, test strips and needles for insulin pens. We ship overnight via Fed-Ex in temperature-controlled packaging.


Do you dispense brand or generic medications?

Texas Pharmacy regulations allow either the patient or prescriber to request a brand name or generic medication. Unless specifically requested, we default to dispensing generic medications.

If you are a DailyPack customer and would like to request a brand name medication, please call us.


What if I miss a packet?

Follow your doctor’s orders regarding missed doses.

For specific questions, please call a DailyPack pharmacist at 817-635-6668.


How does this benefit me?

You receive your medication in easy to use packaging rather than counting and sorting medicine each month. We handle your medication changes and delivery in concert with your doctor.

Patients who have difficulty managing their meds receive their meds in easy to use adherence packet. Medication changes and delivery are managed by the pharmacy, so the patient will always have medication available.


I like the program, can I enroll my parent? I have to go to their house every week and setup their medication bars.

Absolutely, this program is for anyone who would like assistance with medication adherence or the convenient multi-dose packaging.

Are you able to add vitamins or supplements to my DailyPack?

Yes. We can include vitamins, supplements, and over- the-counter medications in your DailyPack in addition to prescriptions.

Just let us know what you’d like us to add either during the signup process or from your account page.


What happens if I get a new prescription?

If that medication should start right away, we will ship you an interim supply to carry you through until your next DailyPack arrives.


Do I need to get all new prescriptions?

No. When you sign up for an account, we’ll ask for some identifying information and the location of your current pharmacy. Once you confirm that you’d like to transfer your prescriptions, we will call your old pharmacy and make the switch. If any of your prescriptions have no refills remaining, we will contact your prescriber(s) for a new prescription.

Information retrieved from your former pharmacy includes: medication name, strength, directions for use, quantity, original refills, and refills remaining, prescriber, first fill date, and last fill date. This allows us to know when you will run out of your current medications and allows us to find an ideal start date for your DailyPack.


What do you do about dose changes?

If you have medications with frequent dose changes, we may put that medication in a separate packet, or send a standard pill bottle with clear instructions. We do this so that you can easily change your dosing without changing the rest of your DailyPack . In all situations we work closely with you and your healthcare provider to deliver the solution that best fits your unique situation.


What do you do if I go away or on vacation?

Just let us know what dates you’ll be gone and we will coordinate with your insurance company (if necessary) to provide you with a sufficient supply of medication to last throughout your trip.

If preferable, we are also able to ship your medications to an alternate address, provided we are licensed in the state you will be visiting. Please see our Availability List for details.


Are DailyPacks Child Resistant?

DailyPacks are not child resistant and should always be stored out of the reach of children.